U-TUB is an innovative brand of ideas and working methods aimed at serving Base Pizza Srl products (puccia bread and pizza) in a creative way: original, easy-to-prepare, good looking and tasting products.

Base Pizza Srl based in Gravina in Puglia was founded in 2010 by Aliano brothers, Vito and Gianni. With more than 30 years of experience in food service and baking industry, our production includes pre-cooked handmade pizza bases, focaccia and puccia breads. Base Pizza srl method is still based on tradition: in fact the products are manually prepared by our “Maestri Pizzaioli” using local ingredients such as durum wheat semolina and extra virgin olive oil.

Our goal is to supply high quality precooked baked products. We also provide tips and suggestions about the best ways to enjoy them.

The name “U-Tub” comes from a word of the local dialect “il tubo” (the tube), associated with the idea of the flagship product: a 22 cm pizza that after being baked and topped, is rolled up and put in a take-away bag.
And this was just the beginning!
Straight after it followed Pizza Sushi: U-tub pizza cut into rolls and served like a sushi dish for an authentic different dining experience.
Alongside Pizza Sushi, there are other products such as Puccia Gourmet, Pizzetta Sfiziosetta, Insalata in Crosta di Pane and Altro Hamburger. Following up this new project, U-Tub has set an innovative working method divided into 5 principles, whilst retaining the original quality of products:

– Products: Puccia bread, Pizza Base and Focaccia. The Puccia bread and focaccia are traditional products of Puglia, fully cooked and ready-to-eat; while the Pizza Base is a pre-cooked product.
All products come in different shapes and sizes.

– Ideas: The working idea is based on a different way of topping, displaying and serving Puccia bread, Pizza and Focaccia.

– Equipment: U-TUB supplies specialized equipment (pizza ovens, cutting boards, pizza peels etc.); branded merchandising (aprons, t-shirts, napkins etc.); advertising materials (totems, brochures, personalized menus, led signs etc.) and much more.

– Training: U-TUB provides in house training and free training materials such as recipe books, on line tutorials and videos.

– Advertising: U-TUB believes that advertising is the heart of any business. For this reason we invest a lot in advertising brand awareness and supporting product acknowledgement. U-TUB is also very active on the main social networks promoting events of U-TUB as well as its affiliates. Main means of communication covered by U-TUB advertising are national and international newspapers, magazines, industry magazines (Il Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, Millionaire, Bar Giornale etc.), TV and radio (Sky TV, Telenorba Group, Radio Italia Anni 60, Radio Love FM, Radionorba etc.).