Good and Healthy: U-TUB opens up to the organic world

In the last few years we have witnessed the consolidation of the combination “ food & health”. More and more attention is paid to the origin of foods and the reduction of waste, not just to save money but above all to respect our health and our environment.
The moment has come for us to find again the truth about the food we eat: it is the result of the creative transformation and mixing of raw materials together with fragments of history, society, culture, politics and identity.
We must ask ourselves questions about what we eat and the future of our food and understand that it is really important to understand what is behind the food.
The organic trend is now a macro-trend. That’s why the UN have chosen it as one of the 9 big themes of the next decade.
According to Nomisma figures, in 2016 in Italy the consumption of organic food has gone up by 10% compared to the year before: 74% of the Italians have bought at least one organic product.
Why should you buy organic products? They are better for our health and for the environment, they are more controlled and of a higher quality.
There is always more space for organic products, for local foods and homemade products, for sustainability and food seasonality.
Organic agriculture includes all the agricultural systems promoting the production of food without waste and by respecting the consumer. From an environmental point of view this working method drastically reduces the use of fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals.
The Apulian company U-TUB, leader on the market of creative pizzas and puccias, is always open to new ideas and proposals as well as the new trends of the food market, ready to face the innovation challenge. After receiving the ORGANIC certification by ICEA (the Institute of Ethical and Environmental Certification) in April 2017, we are now launching our new series of organic products: the plain or red focaccia, the plain or red pizza base and the puccia. As to the ingredients, our organic products do not contain any soy lecithin and potassium sorbate. The flavour is the same of the basic products.
The ORGANIC world has a history and is deeply connected to the territory. Its strength is not its turnover but the changes it has brought in our lifestyle. It has shown us that it is possible to produce in a different way. Healthier and good at the same time: two features that perfectly apply to our products and our company’s philosophy and mission: U-TUB Eat Different!